“I swear, the spikey-balls knows where I go!”

Hashpal as he gets the deathballs of Painsmith where ever he tries to stand with tank soak

So we haven’t been idle, we have just been focusing on kicking in the front, middle and back door of the Sanctum.
After Remnant of Ner’zhul got it’s last embers snuffed out for one last time, we have been hard at work kicking Painsmith’s deathballs back at him, made Guardian of the First Ones to rest for good and told Fatescribe that her fates don’t apply to us since we can’t read!

We are now on everyone’s favorite cat loving Lich Kel’Thuzad but even his phylactery won’t hold us for long! After that we are going to banish the Banshee queen herself!

Stay tuned!
“Haven’t we killed like four of them once or twice already before? Or am I dreaming?”Gigz

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