Welcome to Nylaathria!

Here you’ll be able to send us your application.
Remember that the application is the first, and only, chance to give us a good first impression of you.
So, spend some time writing it. Make sure you understand the questions and follow them.

Please grant us up to 3 days to review, discuss, and reply to your application.

Name says it all, as this is still a RP realm, if your name is Pallypal or something equally dumb, you’ve already lost us at this stage.
If you’re a cross-realm applicant, please write your current realm.
Just try not to spell your class wrong 😀
Please include a https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/search?q= character link.
Also, please be in your current PvE/Raiding Gear & Spec.

• Enchants: ALL items that can be enchanted are expected to be enchanted.
• Gems: You will be required to have the best quality gems in all gem slots.
• Gear: You will be required to have an optimised “boss kit”.
• Spec: You will be required to have a pure, raid-optimised, PvE spec.
Please provide some information as to why you picked the spec you did.
• If there’s any non-go-to talents you’ve decided to run with, despite of Icy-Veins/Wowhead suggestions, what made you pick these?

Please keep in mind that this is a Raiding Guild, and you’ll be expected to spec for such while in raids.
You do not have to go into each and every talent separately, though it, of course, does not hurt your application.
• How long have you been playing WoW (add your /played info / ~years played)?
• How long have you been playing this character?

The minimum we would require is ~3 months, this would mean you have indeed spent time to gain the minimum amount of experience needed in order to play your class, and the experience needed for raiding. There’s always exceptions, of course.
• Tell us a bit about your past experiences in the raiding content of WoW.

What did you do before, and what have you been doing during the current expansion?
• What do you anticipate your raid attendance will be?

From past experience we know that there is no such thing as 100% attendance. However, we do not want to hear about your dad shutting down the router, or your mother telling you to get off the comp. A good estimate of how often your real life interferes with your raiding plans is what we are after.

We raid Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays, between 19:30 to 23:00. Invites starts at 19:00.
• What do you want out of being in the Raid Guild?
• How would you feel if the Raid Guild decided to take a week or two off raiding? (Christmas, Guild Meeting).

This is honestly about your expectations meeting what we can offer. If you expect a military style raid — that is not what we offer. If you want us all to be best friends, and through that not care that you have green gems — then this too is not the place for you. Also, someone can probably help you with the gems.
• Tell us a bit about your last Raid Guild(s) and what made you look for a new home?

If you are an X-Realm Transfer: Please add why you decided to leave your old realm, and why did you choose to end up here?
• Please choose an encounter that you particularly enjoy or that highlights the strengths of your class, and explain it to us as if we had never done that encounter before.
Please provide us some information about who you are in real life, your age, country of origin, your job, hobbies you have, the kind of music you like to listen to, the PC hardware you run on, your view on global warming, and your favourite pet (no names), etc.
– No, but you do get the idea!

Whatever you might feel like sharing with the group/officers.
Please add your e-mail, and/or Discord, and/or Battle.net information, so that we may contact you.

Allow us up to 3 days, after replying that your application has been noted, to review it, and post an update/reply, before you contact us and ask for an update.
• Please, don’t pester our officers 20 minutes after you apply. 🙂

• If an officer requests that you get in touch with them, and you fail to do so within a reasonable time, your application will be considered withdrawn.
Be it through e-mail, in-game chat/mail, or Discord chat – Depending on the contact information you’ve left us.
• Likewise, our decision about your application will be given through one of these clients.

• Unless otherwise stated, officers are not available to discuss applications during raid hours.
All the officers take an active part of leading during raiding, and it would be unfair to both our raid-mates, and applicants, to split attention between the two, and in return give you some half-arsed replies due to concentrating on two things.

Just write “Doughnut” in this box, as to confirm that you’ve read this bit.

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